Hobi Inu, the Reward DAO

Every cryptocurrency or NFT project says they are unique, one of a kind, and the next best thing. Maybe they are, maybe not. Only time will tell and the blockchain will keep score.

Hobi Inu is the Reward DAO. No project to date has created a platform like this. It is a combination of token and NFT, both with utility and a community driven reward system. Transaction tax is collected in 2 reward pools. One for the token and the other for the NFT.

The token reward pool builds for a week, then a vote takes place. Holders can vote for any token they want. It is a competition for which token gets the votes to win. Then the smart contract buys the winning token and the holders claim their share. Then, the competition starts again. Which token would not want a huge buy on their charts?


#Shib loyalist, #SafemoonArmy, #RickQuack ducks, #Shinobi Ninjas, Baby Doge, #Marvin, #Floki, #Volt, #Yooshi #Pit, #Lunatics, ETH enthusiasts and, BTC purist all summoning their fellow investors to join Hobi Inu and to win the weekly reward buys.

1 Hobi Inu Token= 1 Vote

How many Hobi Inu will be needed to win? We will soon find out.

Build Your Portfolio in a Bear Market with Hobi Inu

Even in a bear market, Hobi Inu can perform well. And in the process, we build a community of tokens that may be in competition, but are together, not divided. A great way for investors to add to their current positions in the tokens they hold and to build a portfolio with other popular tokens that they may have otherwise not invested.

Another tremendous part of the project is that everyone holding Hobi Inu at the time the Vote Snapshot is taken, can claim a share of the entire week’s reward. Whether you held all week or just moments before the Snapshot, you receive a share proportional to you Hobi Inu holding. Earning before you even invest!

2 Phases for Hobi Inu NFTs

There are two phases of the Hobi Inu NFTs. The first stage is Atamawari NFT. It is a token pre-launch NFT that is a small limited mint. Each owner will be airdropped 65 Billion Hobi Inu when the token launches.

The funds generated from the mint will be used for marketing, a Certik audit of the contract, and growth for Hobi Inu. Owner will have additional benefits that will come with the second phase NFT called Hidaitai Tokun.

Hidaitai Tokun will be a full series mint and will launch after the token. The 2 NFTs will both be part of a staking system that will allow owners to stake their NFTs in several different time intervals with variable APRs, progressively higher for each time interval.


The staking rewards are generated from a tax on token transactions and from part of the funds raised from the mint. A royalty fee will also grow the staking pool. There will be an early withdraw penalty as well. As the floor price gets higher and higher from those holding for high APR, some will choose to withdraw and sell for profit. The withdraw penalty keeps the NFT pool healthy for the new owner to stake.


Plans are set to create a MetaVerse game called MetaMoyasu which means Metaburn in Japanese. It will consist of several interactive games where players will “Earn or Burn” tokens. Players can use virtually any token they chose to play. If they win, they earn tokens. If they lose, the tokens burn.

We are creating a game that burn tokens for the community we create. Burn tokens will be collected for a month at a time, then a Metaburn party will take place with celebrities, players, Hobi Inu holders, influencers, advisors, and the entire crypto community. Instead of just sending tokens to a burn wallet without much fanfare, it will now be a celebration.


The Whitelist for Atamawari NFT is open. There are some free mint contests as well. The mint date will be announced in the coming week. Check Twitter and join Telegram Community to learn more.

Hobi Inu token launch will also be announced within the coming week. The token launch will be at least a week after the NFT mint, pending the completion of the audit. This allows more time to grow the community and prepare the crypto community for the Reward DAO competition to come.

Hidaitai Tokun and NFT staking will be after the Hobi Inu launch. Owners of the Atamawari NFTs will receive whitelist placement for this mint and well as some additional voting right and other benefits. These will be announced.

Website: https://hobiinu.com

Gitbook: https://docs.hobiinu.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hobiinutoken

Telegram: https://t.me/hobiinutoken



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Hobi Inu

Hobi Inu

Hobi Inu, the Reward DAO, changing rewards tokens forever.